There is an ever growing wealth of exceptional resources and engaging information designed to create an awareness and better understanding of how to experience healthy, productive and positive lives. Extremely dedicated and caring people are sharing these valuable insights in many ways. These are people who have the hearts, brains and courage to ensure the understanding of the connection between the brain and overall well-being in life is becoming commonly understood!

Advances in brain research provide understanding on how to:

  • create better health

  • increase confidence

  • achieve greater success

  • reduce stress

  • enjoy more happiness

  • positively influence developing brains of children and teens

  • improve memory

This of course is information that you could use to transform your life. However, even though it is available, it previously was not always convenient to easily access. Now it is… and you will want to make sure you do not miss out on valuable information.

Brain Insights Now, gathers and organizes resources for you. You will be able to easily access, websites, books, organizations, videos, blogs, radio shows, initiatives and webcasts that will make a difference in your own life and those you influence. There are multiple uses for this site. Whether you take advantage of it as a student, parent, professional or for your own self-improvement, you will not have to search, it is here organized in one place.

As a Brain Insights Now member you will also receive an email each week letting you know that new brain information is available. Three resources will be highlighted along with a featured article each week. This provides the opportunity for you to become familiar with resources on the site in a way that is never overwhelming. You can enjoy time learning at this pace rather than spending time searching.

Resources are organized into 4 categories:

  • Experiences and Influences

  • Mind and Body Connections

  • Relationships Matter

  • Creating Change


The wonderful news is, membership is extremely affordable.

The INTRODUCTORY cost of membership is only $3.00/month!! If you sign up now, this rate will not change during the time you stay a consistent member!

With this membership, you will know about resources from extraordinary individuals throughout the world and your brain will be very happy with all the new insights you will gain.


Annual memberships are also available at the INTRODUCTORY rate of $30/year!!

EVERYONE that has a brain will greatly benefit from being able to access positive and useful information in this very easy and convenient way.

It Will Be A Pleasure to Have You Join Us!


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